• What’s The Best Type Of Fog Light To Use On The Water?

    In the early mornings or late evenings, fog can roll through in a matter of minutes without warning. Even seasoned captains don’t venture out on the water unprepared. With amber LED lights, you can outfit your boat to navigate more safely in the foggiest conditions.

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  • How You Can Enhance Safety And Stay Compliant With Marine Led Lights

    Whether you’re scoping out your new favorite spot before sunrise or getting back to the dock after dark, relying on outdated boat lights — or worse, not having lights at all — can ruin your fishing trip.Why risk it when you can prevent it? If you hit a log or run aground, damage to your fiberglass boat can easily cost anywhere from a few grand to the total value of your boat! And a lot of people think running lights at night and keeping their night vision are mutually exclusive.

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  • How To Enhance Your Sport Fishing Experience With Led Night Fishing Lights

    Are you a sport fisherman whose second home is the center console? Do you live for the thrill of beating everyone else to your favorite honey hole long before sunrise on the weekends? Discover how LED fishing lightscan elevate your night fishing game, giving you customizable clarity and visibility so you never lose your trophy to the darkness.

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